Warming breastfeeding massager for pain in the breast while breastfeeding
Breastfeeding massager and stand for breast pain in feeding
Hand holding the Lumama Pro Warming Lactation Massager on stand
Woman using the warming lactation massager as breast engorgement treatment
Breastfeeding baby with warming massager used for blocked nipple duct
Heated breastfeeding lactation massager, blocked milk duct treatment
The dimensions of Lumama pro small and discreet warming lactation massager
Lumama warming lactation massager mastitis treatment in gray by Mammaease

Lumama Pro Warming Lactation Massager

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The Lumama Pro is our most comprehensive and advanced lactation care device. Adjust the multiple heat and vibration settings to your liking to help provide relief and relaxation. Place it in a pumping bra to help facilitate flow, or use the targeted tip to help treat mastitis, plugged ducts, mastitis and more. We lovingly selected every detail so that your lactation experience during both pregnancy and breastfeeding could be as embodied and easy as possible. 

Details and features

  • 1.6 oz, 3.5” x X” (Xg, 9cm x Xcm) - small enough to fit inside a pumping bra
  • Five low-volume vibration intensity levels for added choice
  • Two levels of heat for greater relaxation and therapeutic benefit
  • Multiple vibration cadences to match your needs and preferences
  • Broad, curved side designed to follow the natural shape of any breast
  • Targeted tip to help reach ducts, break up clogs
  • USB rechargeable battery that lasts for 60-90 minutes
  • Waterproof; can be used in the shower or tub
  • Easy to clean with soap and damp washcloth
  • Comes with user manual, storage bag, & charging stand
  • Made with 100% medical-grade silicone

We’re here to support you on your breastfeeding journey and believe in meeting the highest standards in customer care. If you have any issues with your massager, reach out to us at support@mammaease.com and we will provide you with a replacement or refund. 

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