Planning for Self-care & Successful Breastfeeding

Selfcare & Successful Breastfeeding

Photo by: Jonathan Borba

When the people around the breastfeeding mother support her, breastfeeding will be successful. A breastfeeding mother needs commitment, rest, time to learn, her own needs to be taken care of, and emotional support from the people closest to her, especially her partner. A partner who is willing to help and encourage her increases the likelihood that she will breastfeed successfully and for a longer amount of time. 

Being mentally prepared and physically ready for the demands of caring for your baby is very important. There will always be a learning curve with your newborn baby. Sometimes it can be difficult to adjust and overwhelming. Some days may be blurry and it may feel as if nothing is getting done. This is the time to give yourself grace and adjust your expectations around what you can accomplish in a day. 

A strong relationship with your partner can help as your new baby needs so much attention and energy.  It can take time for both of you to adjust to the lifestyle changes your new baby brings. Sharing ideas and thoughts can help you both put things in perspective. Expecting mothers often write a birth plan and take time to purchase the never ending list of baby products. What if we spent some time putting together a plan for self-care after childbirth that included food preparation, solitude, connection with friends, movement, time outdoors, and time to connect with our partners? I know this sounds like a dream but it may be possible with the right timing and resources. How can we ask for the help we need and make taking care of ourselves a priority? Oh, what a difference it might make!


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