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Postpartum Body Image

"Are you pregnant and struggling with the changes to your growing body? Or maybe you’ve recently had a baby and, instead of feeling blissful, are overcome with negative emotions about your post-pregnancy body? You’re not alone. Studies have shown that many women struggle with negative postpartum body image after giving birth — even many years later.


Planning for Self-care & Successful Breastfeeding

A breastfeeding mother needs commitment, rest, time to learn, her own needs to be taken care of, and emotional support from the people closest to her, especially her partner. A partner who is willing to help and encourage her increases the likelihood that she will breastfeed successfully and for a longer amount of time. 


Best Breastfeeding Products - 2021

Here is a list of the most useful items that you might consider on your breastfeeding journey. It is our hope that these recommendations lead to peace of mind, a successful start, and lead you down the path of a comfortable breastfeeding journey.