About Us

Lumama is my contribution to breastfeeding mammas everywhere. My personal journey with breastfeeding inspires my goal to give new mothers hope, support, and a community to call their own. My dream is that you will endure fewer hurdles. My hope is that you will have access to breastfeeding education, resources, and a breastfeeding community to help you handle any issues that may arise– from plugged ducts to mastitis to low milk supply.

Mamma & Founder


Our Roots

It all began when our founder, Jenelle, was nursing her one-year-old son, and experienced two bouts of mastitis and was encouraged to use her electric toothbrush to relieve the swelling and pain in her breast. She was determined to offer other moms a solution that was more specific to the breastfeeding issues they were having. She and her husband decided to design a specific tool that united heat and vibration that is a therapeutic solution for many breastfeeding issues.


Our Mission

Our goals are to provide breastfeeding support tools for moms and to build a community of moms who support one another and are educated regarding mental health as it relates to motherhood and self-care. We do so much as moms and many of us end up feeling like we are just not enough. We want to spread the word that we are more than enough and worthy of taking care of ourselves. Self-care is a necessity, not an indulgence.

Our Name

MammaEase is what our founder came up with when she identified the goal of creating an easier life for new moms. She looked back on her early journey through motherhood and thought of specific ways that a community could support new moms with something more than clothing, blankets, and diapers. What if we could be true advocates for each other and lift each other up instead of passing judgement?


Our Team