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LOVE this product...sooo helpful

There are so many things I love about this product! It's a perfect shown in the picture in my hand. I love that it comes with a pretty bag to store it in and it charges with a provided charger so no need to worry about batteries. It's waterproof! I love working out clogged ducts in the shower or hot bath so this is perfect that I can use it wet or dry. It has multiple uses... I personally bought this because I frequently get clogged ducts and this is super helpful in clearing those out, but it can also be used for stimulating letdown, increasing milk flow, and in place of hand massage. I love that it's designed by a mama...her story is on the back of the pamphlet. I haven't needed to use customer service but I'm assuming the customer service is great because also in the pamphlet it asks if you're happy with the massager and what to do if you are or are not. I highly recommend this to any and every nursing mama out there! I have no complaints at all!



Lumama Love | Rating

I wish I had one for my first baby!

I only recently discovered this product, after the birth of my second baby. I SO wish I had had this massager when my son was born three years ago! I found it especially useful during those first few days of uncomfortable engorgement after my milk had just come in. I was able to use it both while nursing and pumping, to get the relief I needed. It also came in super handy when I went through the extremely painful issue of clogged ducts, as my milk supply leveled. The massager was just the right intensity and size to help me work out the clogs before they became worse - using my fingers alone was just too unbelievably painful. An added bonus now that my daughter is getting her first teeth is that she likes it when I put it on her cheeks to relieve the discomfort!

 - Michelle


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Thank you Lumama for this revolutionary product that is changing the breastfeeding/pumping world!

The Lumama lactation massager is a complete game changer! Had I known this existed for my firstborn, I’m positive our breastfeeding/ pumping journey would have turned out so differently. I would spend so much time heating washcloths, using a comb in the shower and countless hours massaging my breasts to work through clogged ducts and increased milk flow. Not to mention the tears and pain...

Now enter my second child and only a few weeks old couldn’t have found this at a better time! I’m so grateful this product exists! It’s versatile, compact, and makes so much sense! Thank you Luna for this revolutionary product that is changing the breastfeeding/ pumping world!

I now know what all my pregnant mom friends will be receiving for baby shower gifts!

- Dani


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This is a must-buy!

This product is a must-buy for all breastfeeding/pumping moms! Wish I had this massager with my first baby. I had mastitis with my first baby and was hoping to find a product that would help prevent it from happening with my second baby. It works at relieving pain and helps unclog ducts. The pointed end works extremely well on clogged ducts. It has helped with my pumping output. I pump more milk when using the massager. It's very user friendly and it comes with a nice bag. It also comes with a USB cable for easy charging. It holds a charge for a long time. I am impressed by how quiet it is. I work 12-hour shifts at a hospital and it is discreet that I can use it at work. I also love that a fellow mom designed and created this product!

 - Surf Mama


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Helped relieve engorgement!

This lactation massager helped me tremendously. I started using the massager right when my milk came in. I was in so much pain from being so engorged. I also found out my son had a tongue tie so he could not successfully drain my breasts. This helped the milk flow, prevented mastitis, unplugged my clogged ducts, and provided so much relief during the first few weeks of nursing. Buy this product now if you want your breastfeeding journey to be successful.

 - Sam


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Sweet relief!

I like that it is waterproof so I can take it in the shower. It’s pink and quiet and small and discreet! It helps so much with milk production and pumping!

Thank you!



Lumama Love | Rating

Great baby shower gift!

I bought this as a baby shower gift and so far it’s a hit - the new mom is very happy. Nicely packaged, the perfect size, it really holds a charge, has multiple speeds and it’s conveniently waterproof to help unclog painful ducts in a hot shower. Thank you!


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