Five Tips for Breastfeeding During the Holidays

Tips| Breastfeeding During the Holidays

The holidays can be a joyous time, but we know as a breastfeeding mamma, it can also be a stressful time. Today we are sharing some tips to help get you through.


Tip 1: Stay Hydrated

This seems obvious enough, but during this busy season it’s easy for moms to forget to drink enough to stay well hydrated. Breast milk is almost 90% water, so drinking enough is essential for keeping breastfeeding on track. Fill up your water bottle in the morning and keep it close by as a reminder to yourself! 

Interesting fact: Oxytocin is released during breastfeeding and triggers thirst.


Tip 2: Rest and Reduce Stress

We know this is easier said than done, but we want you to know it’s ok to say no to the gathering or anything that simply doesn’t bring you joy this season. If you aren’t sure how to say no, use your Lactation Consultant as your reason. Simply say you’ve been advised to stay home, rest, and reduce travel.


Tip 3: Babywear

Gatherings can be overwhelming and overstimulating for moms as well as babies. Babywearing is so helpful for this! It allows you to keep your baby close and reduces stimulation from being passed around from family member to family member. Keeping them close also reduces illness which is something we could all use this time of year!


Tip 4: Be Mindful of Foods You Eat

Filling up on comfort food is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season! While breastfeeding, be mindful of foods you’re consuming if low supply is an issue for you. Certain herbs like peppermint, sage, and parsley can decrease milk supply when eaten in excess amounts.


Tip 5: Keep Your Normal Routine

With the busyness and travel sometimes involved in celebrating, it’s easy to stray from your normal schedule. One recommendation we have is to try to stick to your normal routine. Milk supply works as supply and demand so skipping pumping or nursing sessions could cause a dip in your supply.


Most importantly, take some time to be present in the moment. Are you cultivating family traditions that bring you joy? Or are you doing things just because you feel like you should? What could you do less of? What would you like to add that really brings happiness and a feeling of peace? Cheers to feeling the holiday spirit this year without being overwhelmed by it!