About Us

MammaEase is here to help

We’re here to make breastfeeding easier by providing you with body-honoring tools, educational resources, and loving community. Your wellbeing matters to us, and our products uphold the highest possible standards in quality and care to help you fully embody this amazing experience - mind, body, and soul.

Meet Lumama

Breastfeeding mother using a warming lactation massager

Lumama is the only line of lactation massagers designed by a breastfeeding mom for breastfeeding moms. Unlike other massagers, Lumama massagers have multiple features designed to help you overcome multiple lactation obstacles. They’re incredibly quiet, small enough to fit into a pumping bra, and in our humble opinion, pretty cute! Click here to learn more.


It all Started with Our Founder

Jenelle | Founder and Ceo of MammaEase

Hi! I’m Jenelle, the Founder, CEO, and general keep-everything-running person at MammaEase. No one is a bigger breastfeeding nerd than me, but despite how excited I was to breastfeed my son, two bouts of mastitis made it incredibly difficult. My doctor recommended massaging my breasts with an electric toothbrush to help but…I knew there was a better solution. As I explored other massager options, I realized that almost all products sold for lactation are made by people who don’t know the first thing about having breasts…let alone caring for them!
That’s why I set out to create Lumama. It’s exactly what I needed but couldn’t find when I was breastfeeding. You deserve products that are designed specifically for your body. You deserve to feel loved, nurtured, and confident. Everything we do at MammaEase is working toward those principles, and it’s an honor and privilege to care for you.

We’re expecting…

Our company is only in its first trimester, and lactation massagers are just the start. At MammaEase, we know that caring for moms is just as important as caring for babies, and that a full ecosystem of care is necessary for everyone to thrive. We’re always innovating, and already planning new and meaningful ways to make motherhood easier. Sign up for our email list to stay tuned with where we’re headed.

Our Board of Advisors

Farzan Dehmoubed | Board of advisor - Mammaease

 Farzan Dehmoubed, MFin is Founder and CEO of Lotus Sustainables, an eco-friendly company on a mission to eliminate plastic from shopping. After launching its first product online with unprecedented success, Farzan expanded the company to retail. Lotus Sustainables eco-friendly products are now available in 15,000+ stores across the US and Canada, as well as on Amazon and Lotus-Sustainables.com. As the leading manufacturer of reusable bags and reusable produce bags, Lotus Sustainables has eliminated the need for over 3 Billion single-use plastic bags. In 2020 the company ranked 144 on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in America.

Jennifer Duvall | co-founder of Mammaease

Jennifer Duvall, RDN is the Founder of Lotus Sustainables, an eco-friendly company looking to revolutionize the grocery bagging industry while reducing harmful plastic waste. She's the co-founder of the company and heads product development and sustainability. 

David Schofield |  CEO of MacPherson's Arts & Crafts
David Schofield, MBA has developed a strategic business plan that took a healthcare start-up operation from $0 to $25 million with limited resources to be the market leader, with 25,000 hospital beds installed. He has also grown a Wellness/Nutrition company from $60 million to $200 million in global revenues in 3 ½ years, realizing dramatic increases in revenues and profits. More recently he has built a Technology Services company which supports the Restaurant Industry, having 2,000 locations using their solutions. Today he is CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board at MacPherson's Arts & Crafts.
Nicole Noar | Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Nicole Noar RNC, BSN, IBCLC is the Founder and CEO of Snuggle Shield. She is a caring Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant with advanced knowledge and passion for natural health care practice and breastfeeding with over 12 years of experience. 

Tim Fleming | Project manager

Tim Fleming, MS is a project manager for an oceanographic group. His talents include understanding construction and environmental issues, meeting the needs of clients and stakeholders, and keeping projects on budget and ahead of schedule.