Motherhood Chats Unfiltered: Zoe Robson, Midwife

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog post, another Motherhood Chats Unfiltered interview! This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Midwife, Zoe Robson. She is passionate about educating and empowering women to have the best birth experience possible. Let's dive in with Zoe!

Why did you pursue Midwifery?

Midwifery was never really something I was overly keen on! I always wanted to be a nurse, mainly because I wanted to make a difference and help people as much as I could with my work. It wasn't until I witnessed a Cesarean birth, that I wanted to pursue midwifery. There was just something so beautiful about watching a mother meet her baby for the first time. It was something I knew I would never tire of! 

 How long have you been practicing?

I have been nursing now for four years. I've worked as a postpartum nurse for 3 years, and have been a qualified midwife for over a year now.

 What is the most important postpartum care advice you would offer?

Be kind to yourself and know that it's okay to not have the answers! It's okay to make mistakes. One thing I am constantly telling new parents is that it's okay to make mistakes. Your baby isn't going to remember it! One thing that will be remembered is that you did the best you could, and I think that is something everyone needs to apply to all facets of their life, not just the postpartum period! 

 How do you help moms overcome their birthing fears?

Knowledge is power. There is no such thing as being "too informed" or "knowing too much" about birth. One of the ways I try to help people overcome birth related fear is through providing them with realistic, relatable, and empowering education. Helping people to understand birth and their options allows them to feel empowered by birth, rather than terrified of it. 

 What breastfeeding advice would you offer to new moms?

I love breastfeeding. I think it's beautiful and so beneficial for both mums and bubs...but do not place pressure on yourself to breastfeed your baby if it's not working for you. Breastfeeding can be far from "natural", and that's okay! Sometimes, it just isn't possible, and that is something that needs to be more widely accepted and embraced. There are already so many pressures associated with motherhood, we need to start celebrating that nourishing our children comes in many more forms than just one. Breastfeeding is incredible, and it should absolutely be prioritized where possible, but it should also be celebrated when people say "I tried, but it didn't work out for me".

 You can find Zoe on Instagram, @midwifeinmypocket where she shares a ton of birth education information. You can also find out more information about her on her website, or listen to her Podcast, Midwife in My Pocket Podcast, wherever you listen to your podcasts!